Sound Gear

Pro Audio

With over 200 dealerships we've got you covered. Yamaha, Soundcraft, JBL, Mackie, Crown, Presonus, Sennheiser,

  just to name a few.


The store carries an arsenal of used instruments-- guitars, drums, pianos, 

wind instruments, etc.


Cables, strings, picks, drum sticks, drum heads, pedals, adaptors, amps, stands, 

You name it. We have it ALL!

Recording Accessories

Being an authorized Presonus dealer means we know prestigious brands. We carry an assortment of high-quality gear sure to please.


We carry new and used lighting, stands, trussing, controllers, and on and on....

Projection and Screens

We stock several adaptors, mounts, cables, and stands. Most projectors and screens are custom ordered to fit the needs. We have several dealerships for these products.