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BEM  is proud to have master electronics technician Rob Harris. We service and repair instruments, amps and most of what the business has to offer 



In-house lessons on many instruments.

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Over 200 Dealerships including sound, video, parts and installation gear-- just about everything!

BEM Recording Studio


BEM Recording Studio offers the best of recording. Projects and full production available.

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Live Sound / Rentals


Need live sound or a finishing

 piece of gear? We've got you covered!

In House Instruction Seminars

About Big Event Music

Embrace Your Passion


The year of the big bang for Big Event Music was 1999. Founded in Branson, Missouri by Brent Frazier and Steve Carl, Big Event Music would eventually house a music shop with a full, professional recording studio.

Brent had been recording and performing Internationally since pre-teen years and Steve was a successful songwriter / performer. These two had dinner one night, and over Italian food,  came up with a plan to help the royalty-free industry by recording live musicians for film and videographers. They soon collaborated with artists nationwide and produced a four disc set. Introduced at Bally’s in Las Vegas 2001, the 4,000 copies were sold out at a rate of $300.00 for the 4-disc set. Soon, the music had traveled to 58 countries. Steve and Brent continued writing and established Lion Records Recording Label where they picked up and served several national artists.

By 2007, Brent had a desire to spend more time with his family located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and soon the move was made to the current location. Stop by today for a truly unique musical experience--we make customers, not sales.

What our customers say

 Awesome place, with super friendly people, and a great selection. I wont go anywhere else! 

 Great staff really helpful great prices on almost everything 

 This Music store is so much more. They are always willing and friendly to musicians of all stature, pros and hometown buskers, they support the dreams of artists at affordable prices. 10 out of 10 for my Big Event friends and fellow musicians.