BEM Recording Studio


The Studio

BEM Studio offers the best in recording. With over 30 years in the industry, we have worked many local and international artists in many genres. Our recordings have been featured on the Today Show and International Releases throughout.

The Gear

BEM  Studio uses the latest Presonus Studio One Professional DAW and interfaces with the ability to give 24 live tracks and countless overdubs. We offer a selection of  top instruments, proven microphones, and class A preamps. Our engineers have the incredible  ability provide the big sound you crave.

Studio Musicians

BEM Studio has a roster of countless professional musicians available to get that project finished. Many of them can be heard on TV and major radio.

Soundtracks and Jingles

BEM Studios can provide that perfect sound for a song your writing or provide that jingle hook to make your business promotions soar.


BEM Studios offers full editing and mastering of projects we record, or you may have previously recorded at an off-location facility.

Studio FAQs

Do I need to book in advance or can I walk in?

We recommend booking two weeks in advance; however, from time to time, we have a cancellation. Feel free to call and check the studio calendar. 

Do I need my instrument?

While we provide many instruments if needed, we always recommend musicians to use their own instruments for pristine level  of comfort while recording.

Will I be nervous?

Most feel right at home in this studio. Nervousness or jitters is normal, but we'll get you comfortable to be your best. 

If I record somewhere else, can you import so I can finish at BEM Studio?

We accept Mp3, WAV, AIFF and many more formats. 

Can you make me sound better?

We offer full editing along with tuning and alignments to help. We may not be able to make you sound perfect, but most say "add your magic."

What happens after I record?

BEM Studios offers either a mastered version or a pre-release version to their clients. Cloud, email, or hard Disc is the most common finished product.

Will it be media ready?

We can add the Meta Data necessary for your project, which includes Album title, Song titles, Writer, Producer, Picture, etc.